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3 October
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I am a boy.
I like to sing.
I like to dance.
I like wearing red pants.
I lack enthusiasm for scholastics.
I love the Moulin Rouge.
I would have sex with Angelina Jolie in a heartbeat.
I would like to meet my soulmate soon.
I love making out in cars.
I have no patience for idiocy.
I hate drama.
I strive for perfection.
I hate people who use other people.
I love Abercrombie models.
I despise jealousy.
I can't stand racist people.
I hear better when I can't see.
I love when girls have long curly red hair.
I love tank tops.
I love g - strings.
I crave attention.

Here are some of my interests... some mind you...

The mile high club, Making new friends, the loser sneeze, the word circa, academic insecurity, razor burn, hash brownies, whiteheads, Abba, acid, acting, alanis, planning a party, mumbling, speaking in foriegn tongues, turbulence, crying babies, anger, annoyances, soccer mom minivans, Magical * Anything * of Wonders, Pulling a retreat, sleeping, sleepovers, suck and blow, credit cards, sting, samba, interpretive dance, naked time, celebrity worship, country music, generational gaps, movie prievews, old navy commercials, sister christian, margaret cho, anyone who does gynecology for a living, getting gifts, getting jiggy, knowing that i am blacker than will smith, using dirty payphones, my baby you, annoying parents, resemblance, makeovers, annoying boy bands, anonymous sex, anti - sports, anyone named d'wayne, bald heads, balloons, being an outcast, black panties, boredom, britney spears, candles, chains, chris farley, christina aguilera, cigarette butts, ckone, clubbing, come original, cows, craving, crochless anything, dancing, dashboard confessionals, dating, dickies, double vision, drugs, eating popsickles, egotistical rantings, falling in love, fishnets, freaking, g -spots, g's, gap commercials, getting flustered, getting real mail, giggling, gin, good vibrations, gratuitous sex and violence, groaning, growling, guilt trips, hair, happy trails, hardcore styles, having a crush, hazy shades of winter, high rises, hip hop, honesty, jerry springer, judging people, kelly bundy, ketchup, late night talks, laughter, leather, leopard print thongs, like a record baby, lip gloss, little people, live bands, long weekends, longing, making someone an outcast, mandy moore, mass pike, metallica, moaning, morning wood, mxpx, nc17, new found interests, nudity, obsession, orgasms, originality, panting, partying, peeing, piercings, pissing people off, pleading, poetry, prank phone calls, rain, rainbow brite, rapping, rebellion, road trips, rock and roll, rose mcgowan, rough housing, screaming, sex, shaving, shoop, shopping sprees, singing, skanks, skittles, smelly cabs, smiling, spark kids, spin the bottle, stalking, staying up late, stress, tainted love, take on me, tantra, the get up kids, the smell of sleeping, the word "pudding, theological conversations, thinking out loud, tickeling, tight pants, tongues, true friendships, unstructured fun, vanity, vasoline, veruca salt, vinyl, violence, violent dreams, whips, white people dancing, white trash, wrestling, writing music, x-tacy, xxx, young love, zebra pillow cases, skinny dipping, whip cream, edible underwear, chocolate sauce, playing solitaire on a saturday night, making up, making out, meeting new people, night, satanic symbols, waiting around for your day to begin, devil worship, bad dreams, nightmares, destroying earth, eating apples, smelling cookies, snow bunnies, playboy bunnies, white kittens, toothpaste, girls named tiny, underground raves, glowsticks, wedding cake, watching tv, sexy next door neighboors, painted toe nails, red shoe diarys, HBO, spice, Cold days/hard nipples, nervousness, journal reading, flotation devices, money, dreadlocks, trash cans, wet kisses, hugs, drinking buddies, bars, orgys, power, magic, the word UBER, fighting, wedding singers, rich old men dating young women, that guy, sideburns, double chins, cyclops, situations, drama, stardom, mood music, new things, whoop de doo, being giddy, crying for joy, smiling, yelling, being scared, Incubus, Love, Burning passion, lust, Science, ugly clothes, trailers, houses on wheels, freeways, the antichrist, marilyn manson, thinking, learning, antigravity, hands, women, the power of three times three, the craft, scary stories, clowns, idiots on parade, high school, show choir, drama, flavored condoms, salad shooter, shit, tvguide channel, contacts, my little pony, being horny, being called the youth of america, fetishes, acuras, smiley faces :-), pinoccio, hatred, wooden, april fools, horns, mimi, clever, stupidity, playing around, heavy petting, 2nd base, fun times, beer, getting smashed, laughing so hard you pee your pants, buzz, hating jocks, loving the dance team, being there for your friends, bondage, fairystardust, fighting with your best friends, being annoyed by the little things, dlglglglglglglglg, Braincandy, cynicality, suicide, depression, rolling up windows, screwin the milkman, being funny, been there done that, whatever, youre clingy, drooling in your sleep, wet dreams, spooning, frosty the snow man, cable tv, flying, understanding, getting porn in your email, opposites attract, smoking a doobie, children named after a day of the week, or a month, mtv vs. vh1, shrinking grandmas, hicks, rednecks, jeff foxworty, music, acapella, karaoke, jazz, the real group, chile con carne, sack lunch, black people in general are great, dancing like you know how, calling people hippocrates, showing people who the intellegent ones are, being one of the few people who know whats up, being fake, learning to live life in suburbia, watching cheerleading competitions, laughing when people fall, being a teenage vampire, loving the dead, cherry garcia, black sheep, hailstorms, blood, apocalypse, writing a song, making music, singing in a bar to drunken friends, going on road trips, RT2, real world, not going to work every day, eating ice cream out of the jug thingy, calling someone your "best friend", having a lot of patience, having no patience, cults, klu klux klan members, white pointy hats, hardcore mack sessions, mechanics, foam parties, raves, beads, gadgets, sex toys, being hungry, the buddy list noises, screaming bloody murder, causing a ruckus, being in love with you, experiencing new things, thinking about someone you are crushin on, the word nice, staying up late, bedtimes, far away lands, melodrama, kids, missing your friends, going on vacations, being president, recieving orders, using someone elses phone, getting phone messages, pork rhines and apple sauce, oral sex, copulation, sex with monkeys, begging for more, the man show, mustard, hot dogs, gangs, funhouses, earphones, being the provider, twix, parents, god, birthgivers, fragments, statues, far away lands, prisons, crying yourselves to sleep, laws and rules, being immensed in deep thought, mmm mmm good, euphoria, long plane rides, moisturizer, hm..., period, hags, traffic, japanese, hiding E in your contact case, telling someone you love them once and meaning it forever, search warrants, being desperate, rubbing lipstick all over your face, causing a car accident, breaking windows, playing with baby toys, swimming in a pool with all of your clothes on, petticoats, eating soyurkey, remote controls, action, crazed fans, leather jackets, flame torch, parachutes, gap backpacks, banjos, guys named george, art, self abuse, sweaty palms, wonderful, losing a friend, finding a new one, mating, running away....

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